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Hi friends this is my true story my name is Sameera. I am 24 y.o now. I have a figure of 36-25-34, yes its a perfect body actually when I was 17y.o I had a worse figure of 32-28-34,later I some how trimmed it to this sexy body by 19 y.o. Ok now let me tell about my family, we r 4 father, mother my cute brother (Jigar-nick name) and myself. Father & mother are working my bro is 2 years younger than me. we 2 have separate rooms on the first floor and mom & dad live in ground floor our house is a independent house with a big garden. I translated the words to English of our conversion in some place)

When I was 19 my bro was 17 and I like to watch myself in the mirror of my sexy body and masturbate by rubbing my pussy and fingering & some times even use bananas or anything I get. I dono y I am like this I like to expose myself to the public. When ever I go out I wear a top with a square cut and a skirt a bit above my knees may be people can watch my silky legs and when I bend down see my well developed boobs .Even my bro has a glimpse on me. If I am in home he never leaves me, he tries for a chance to see my body, in home I don’t wear bra & panties.

Literotica Ghar me chudai – Manjula seduces the servant

So one day after mom & dad went to their office and me and Jigar where in home I was watching T.V and he was doing something on the computer. suddenly I went to see what he is doing so I went & tried to open the door it was locked he asked from inside who was it. I replied it me ur sister his reply was “a bit busy come later” so turned and went downstairs a again watched the t.v, all my feeling are on Jigar what he is doing in the room so I went upstairs and peeped through the window to my surprise I found him watching a XXX movie and masturbating with my photo in front ,I silently watched what he is up to do after a while he cummed on my photo and said “Sameera eat it,ur my all-time sexy sister”, Then I just went out from that place to downstairs and was thinking of Jigar, after an hour or more I came to conclusion to have sex with him.

That noon I wore my favorite black skirt and a pink top with no bra and panties at lunch time we all used to sit together and have our lunch ,me & mom sit on one side and father and Jigar sat opposite to use they two where busy talking about some people I pushed my chair to the front and leaned on the table so that my boobs bulge and have a clear vision to see, I somehow managed to see him where he is looking and found he is looking at my boobs. Next as if I am playing with him I threw a spoon on him and it feel down, he bend down to take the spoon and I spread my legs and made a clear vision of my shaved pussy. He took the spoon and smiled at me. I want to be sure if he understood that I want to fucked by him so I again tried the same trick and went very close to the table and when he bend down I pulled my skirt and rubbed my pussy he took the spoon and smiled again . Now I am sure that he understood what I was up to after 2 p.m mom & dad went to office.

Literotica Ghar me chudai – The Birthday Gangbang Special

He went upstairs and after my parents went I closed the doors and went up to him. I knocked his door and said “come to my room once”. He came in with his shorts and asked what’s the matter he was little bit nervous so I have to get him. I lay on my bed spread my legs and asked him “do u like that” he understood & replied “can I touch it”. I agreed and he came to me placed his hand on my pussy and asked “y do u want to do this” I said “its u who cummed on my photo” and the conversion went on by telling him that I watched from the window, and said “I am ur sister do what ever u want with me and don’t let know to anyone” he said “yes” and asked “can I kiss u” I said “no asking just do what ever u want” so he started kissing and with his hands massaged my boobs for about 3-7min.

Then he licked my boobs and with his hand massaged my pussy it was really great and I hold his hard 6 inch cock and pressed it. He then removed my top and skirt and took of his cloths and layed on me and was crazy with my boobs and pressed & licked & bit it. I was moaning and knew he was excited he put his tongue and started rolling in my pussy my ass jerked as he tongue fucked me and after a while I cummed and he licked it all and told “u sexy bitch take my cock in ur mouth” .

I took his hard cock in my hand and kissed it on the head he was overjoyed and I wrap my fist around his cock and started moving in rhythm and licked the head for a while and I was so horny that took all of his hard cock in my mouth he was excited and said “yes babe do it faster” and sucked him faster and faster till he was about to cum and poured all of his load on boobs I just rubbed it all over my silky skin and sucked the drops in his cock he then pressed my boobs again and fingered my pussy and I masturbated his cock after a while it again became hard and said “come on fuck me I can no longer wait”.

Literotica Ghar me chudai – What a fuck!

He guided his cock in my pussy and slowly pushed in and out and made it faster and I was screaming and scolding him in bad words and made it faster and faster and took his cock out and cummed on my stomach this time I took it with hand and ate it then he laid on me and fucked me 3 times that day even in the night after our parents went to sleep he kept a cloth in my mouth so that they can’t hear me screaming. This continued for about a month he ass fucked me.

After that he was very nasty that he said me to be fucked by our dog, but I did not agree with that and just sucked its cock once and it cummed in my mouth. I love to drink all the cum of Jigar and whenever I like to eat cum I just suck his cock and not even waste a single drop of it. We even used fruits, vegetables & bottles. Girls who read this story what I say is never waste cum its precious as diamond. If u r addicted to it u cannot live without it.

Now I am married and drink my husband’s cum and brother’s cum whenever I go home to meet him. I go every Saturday and Sunday and make my husband sit with my parents and let them have a chat and myself being fucked upstairs and now recently I was fucked by our dog….