Fuck Ex-Girlfriend’s Virgin Best Friend

Fuck Ex-Girlfriend,s Virgin Best Friend Part 2

Me: yes I am living alone, so there is no choice, I have to learn cooking. But right know I m not in a mood of cooking, we can order something to near by restaurant, they gives free home delivery.

And I winked to her, she smiled.

Me: Do you want to have some beers too?

She: ok

I ordered the pizza and beer.

And mean while she switched on the, even before I give a warning, the porn movie I watched last night, started playing.

Her eyes got widened and mouth opened, she looks at TV, and then me, and then back to TV.

And I don’t have courage to see in her eyes.

It takes few seconds for her to get back to her senses and she switch off the TV. Silent remain in room for few seconds in room, and then she said, I want to go back home, and turned around, but I catch her by her hand, and pull her towards me, and said

Me: please don’t go dear, I love you. And I had hugged her from behind, and placed my lips on her neck, and started licking her neck from behind, and simultaneously inserted my fingers and starts moving them on her belly, and slightly come upwards, and feel her big, boobs by moving my hands on that big, honey pots.

And started squeezing them slightly, she closed her eyes, and starts moaning in low voice, I had moved from her neck to her ear and starts licking her ear lobe. She starts trembling and moaning in louder voice.

I stopped licking, and pressing her boobs, she turned around, and opened the eyes, and glared me and said,

She: what?

I didn’t said any thing, just took his top and pulled up to her neck, and started watching that beautiful sight, I was unable to remove my eyes from the sight I had watched, her fair and smooth belly and 2 sweet big pots of honey, although they are covered with the black lacy bra, but it hardly covers 1/4th of the total boobs.

I got mesmerized by watching that beautiful sight, and when I had not taken any step further, she herself removed the top, and came near me and started moving her hand on my bared chest, and hold my one hand and pulled me towards the bed, and when we r standing on the edge of bed, pushed me on the bed.

I felled on bed on my back, her beautiful curvy body hypnotized me, and I m not in stage of thinking what to do next.

She take the charge, and just climb on me, and put her lips on my chest, and started kissing whole the chest, and finally settle on my nipple, she slightly bite on my nipples, by which I suddenly came back to my senses, and started moaning. She continued sucking biting my nipples.

I put my hands on her bare back, and my hands are moving all over her back. And she know come upwards, and start kissing my neck, I caught her big ass in my hands started pressing it with whole my power, and moaning due to her advances she is very wild and bite at many places on my chest and neck, but it is even arouse me more.

I had started moaning loudly, and said to her “yes baby, you r the best, you are very hot,” and she just smiled and continue her bites and liking on my neck.

I just removed my hands from her ass and started opening the hooks of her bra but they are too, tight, and in that aroused stat I was unable to open them, so I just pull the bra straps so hard that the hooks are broken, and then she quickly remove the bra from her body.

Then she stand up and removed her jeans, know she is standing in front of me in just a panty. She looks like an angel directly comes from heaven into my bed, 36” 28” 38 figure, and milky fare color of her body made me crazy. I just pulled her towards me and then push her on my side on the bed.

Then I came over her, and took her one boob in my mouth, and other in my one hand.

I started sucking her boobs one by one vigorously, and she started moaning in loud voice, ummh, aahh yessss, and shouted, “continue u asshole, suck them properly, don’t bite them, you asshole.

My other hand went to her panty and I started removing her panty with my one hand, see pushed her hips upwards to help me I leave the boobs for a moment and remove her panty in one jerk.

And the gate of heaven comes to my view; she crossed her legs, to hide her love spot, and for the first in whole act, I had seemed her shy. She looks even more beautiful while blushing, her chicks turned red, and dimples formed on them looks very beautiful.

I separated her legs and take a clear view of her swollen pussy, lips of her pussy pink, thin, small; it looks like a virgin pussy, a lot of waters flow through her vagina.

I quickly removed my short and underwear in one jerk; put my dick on her love hole, both of us moaned by feeling the contact of each others love tools for first time, I started, sucking her lips and said her in low voice, “I love you darling, promise me you will never leave me like your friend.

She: I love you too, and I will never leave you, my darling. We lip locked again, she inserted her tongue, in my mouth, and I inserted my dick in her wet pussy. Her pussy is very tight, and dick not gone inside in the first push, then I properly set my dick and inserted it with a powerful jerk, she shouted but her voice didn’t come out because I had locked her mouth with mine We get orgasm together within few minutes, I had come deep inside her, and we both started kissing each other