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Hi! Im Manjunatha. I am an avid reader of Indian sex stories and maid ki chut chudai ki kahaniya on The following incident happened when I was 16 years old. We lived in a small town outskirts of Madras (now Chennai).

We had a maid who was around 50 years old. She had a 25 year old daughter. I had never seen her as she took care of their house while her mother earned.

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One day, the maid did not turn up. When she came the next day, she was crying. She said her daughter had been raped. We asked her to complain to the police, but she refused saying she wanted to keep the matter secret and we were the only ones she had told.

A year later, the maid’s daughter Vanitha gave birth to a child. Our maid started taking leave often saying she had to look after the child. My mother suggested they move in to our house where we had a small room in our backyard.

The next week they moved in _the maid, her daughter and the kid. It was then I realized why she was raped. She was gorgeous. I couldn’t imagine how a poor maid could have such a body. Her soft round boobs were huge and the blouse she was wearing was hardly enough to cover it. She was also comparatively fairer than her mother.

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As our room in the backyard was covered with tin roof, it used to be very hot in the afternoon. the maid used to go to other houses for working while the daughter stayed back. she used to sleep outside as it was hot inside. she used to breast feed her kid while sleeping.

The kid after having the milk used to sleep off. Vanitha too slept without being aware that her kid had slept, resulting in her breasts being exposed.

One day, my mother went to a wedding for a few days. I was alone. Vanitha’s mother, after finishing her work at our house left for other’s houses. I went to our backyard. I saw Vanitha sitting and stitching her petticoat she was wearing which was torn. As she thought i was inside, she had lifted the petticoat to her thighs while she stitched.

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As she moved her petticoat while she stitched, i could see glimpses of her cunt. The pallu she was wearing was also gradually slipping, which she either did not realize or did not bother to adjust.

Soon the pallu slipped fully. I saw she had not buttoned her blouse after feeding the baby leaving both the boobs exposed. The petticoat she was stitching was now above her waist level leaving a clear view of her vagina. She soon finished stitching and to my surprise, lay down to sleep without adjusting her clothes.

I waited for some time and slowly went near her and found her fast asleep. I went closer and had a close look at her vagina and her boobs.

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I slowly touched her boobs but she did not wake up or respond. I gradually squeezed it. She woke up with a start and i was about to shout. I grasped her mouth and closed it and said sorry. she hurriedly got up. her petticoat which was loose, fell down. she was now totally nude with her blouse also open.

she did not pull up the petticoat but tried to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands. she did not try to run either.

As she stood, i gathered courage and moved her hands from her breasts and fondled them. they were huge and i could hardly resist to squeeze them. She made no attempt to stop me. I realized she was yearning for sex. she had also removed her hand from her cunt.

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I put my finger in and caressed it. as i squeezed the breasts, milk started oozing out. I sucked them and inserted my penis in her cunt. We had a torrid sex for almost 20 minutes that day.

later, we used to have sex at least twice a week till i had to leave the place for a job.