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This is a true story to some extent. I hope you read the first part already. If not, don’t miss out the gorgeous bangla boudi and her fuck fest. Although I had to change names to keep it confidential. Enjoy reading this amazing sex story of how this bangla boudi fell for my cock and became a part of orgy and gangbang!

Bangla Boudi – Arpita fucked hard

As we got up we saw Shahzaad and Gaurav had come into the room while we were fucking.

They both had their phones out and were shooting the whole fucking.

I had told Gaurav to come into the room and start recording once we began fucking.

bangla boudi fucked hard It seemed Shahzaad also had finally joined the party. Gaurav said, “Boudi, ami Rajib Da ke shob dekhiye debo.” (I’ll show everything to Rajib.)

She begged, “Erokom koro na. Amar ekta bhul er jonno amar jibon shesh hoye jaabe.” (Don’t do it. My life will be ruined because of a single mistake.)

Gaurav said, “Tomar moto khanki magi je koto gulo bhul koreche ke jaane.” (A slut like you must have made many mistakes)

Bangla Boudi – Wife with my Friend

I told her, “Arpita, tomar kono khoti hobe na. Tumi amader saathe cholo. Na gele ekhuni Rajib ke tule shob dekhiye debo. Ami internet ae shob upload kore debo, tarpor Rajib er kono somman thakbe, oor bank er chakri tao jaabe.” (Arpita, nothing will happen to you. Come with us. If you don’t I will wake up Rajib and show him everything. I will release everything on the internet, Rajib will be humiliated, he will lose his job at the bank.)

She reluctantly agreed. She dressed up, but I didn’t let her wear any bra or panty. I left them with Rajib so that when he woke up he would know his wife was being fucked.

Even though I told Arpita that we wouldn’t tell Rajib anything, I wanted him to know so that I could break his confidence and make him a cuckold. I wanted to use his wife whenever I wanted to.

We went to Shahzaad’s flat where we usually took our sluts for gangbanging. On the way Gaurav and Shahzaad kept touching her pussy and sqeezing her boobs.

Gaurav pounced on her the second we entered the flat.

Bangla Boudi – One night stand

I made myself a drink while Shahzaad and Gaurav had their way with Arpita.

They undressed her completely in a flash and took her to the bedroom. Since they left the door open I could see what was happening. Gaurav was mauling her boobs while Shahzaad was trying to make her suck his dick.

She didn’t like this at all, this was a nightmare for her.

She was crying and pleading them to let her go.

In return, Shahzaad shoved his cock in her mouth and shut her up. Gaurav became nude, and without wasting any more time, shoved his penis into her pussy.

After a while Arpita boudi was lying there like a dead body, as if she wasn’t feeling anything. Boudi was taking dick in her mouth and pussy, but she wanted to pretend that she wasn’t enjoying this at all. I was determined to break her.

Bangla Boudi – My gangbang party