Wild Sex With Office Colleague

Hello Friends

This story is not imaginative it’s just as real as you and me so sit back and enjoy.

I was working for an MNC in Mumbai and this incident is 2 years back, let me describe you the two people involved first is myself name is Rahul am decent looking guy with good physique and was employed at a good designation with the company the second is my colleague Kiran with whom this story will go forward.

Kiran was an good looking female with ample boobs, bee stung lips proportionate figure the best thing in here were her lips and her hairs long tresses and voluminous.


I was the head of the team and along with Kiran there were 10 people who used to report under me, we were the best team pan country and used to win many contests used to party together and were a well gelled unit.

Kiran was a very hardworking colleague and I used to like her for her dedication she was a top performer, let’s start the story now.

My attraction towards her started at a launch party of a contest winner of which was scheduled for a overseas trip this party we drank and danced and me and Kiran were dancing together she wore a stunning black dress and was looking million bucks all of us were completely sloshed that day and while leaving we hugged each other Kiran gave me tight hug and I felt her boobs for the first time it gave me a instant erection and I was embarrassed that what is she feels it as we were so close.

Any ways we left for the night whole night I was just thinking about her and masturbated in her name thinking of fucking her next day when we met in office I started seeing her in a diff way I wanted to love her fuck her desperately and I got an idea of doing this during the overseas contest .

Months passed by I just used to see her and tried to feel her whenever possible I made sure that we won the contest and also made sure that from our region only we both qualify.

In the month of May the results were announced as expected I ensured only we both qualified destination was Singapore and we were supposed to leave in the next week.

Kiran was extremely excited and I was over the moon as I would get 7 days with her alone and a chance to make my dream a reality so we left for Singapore the next week we sat beside each other in the flight along with a colleague seated with us I occupied the window seat Kiran was in the middle seat once the lights were off we slept and during night I realised that her head was resting on my shoulder she was looking so beautiful wanted to smooch her lips there itself but somehow I controlled.

When we reached Singapore we moved to our rooms it was a good hotel and me and Kiran and rooms on the same floor she was sharing her room with a female colleague and I was luckily alone in the room.

Our first two days went in roaming and. Was unable to control myself I needed her desperately on the 3rd day was the gala night followed by dance and dinner we had to be dressed in smart casuals I wore a jeans t-shirt and blazer and was waiting in the hall for Kiran to arrive when she came my eyes popped out she was wearing a stunning gown hairs let loose and red lipstick when she came near me I just exclaimed Wow she smiled we went on the award ceremony got over and it was time to hit the dance floor Kiran meanwhile went and changed to a short dress for the dance we were drinking and dancing and then I made my move I asked her whether she wants to drink alone with me to which she asked where I told her in my room as no one is there she replied OK and we went to our room.

I made her comfortable and was preparing a drink for her when she walked up to me and before I realized she kissed me on my lips I came to my senses and then pulled her close and our lips met for a long passionate smooch v were moving our tongues in each other mouth and kissed till eternity.

Finally we broke our kiss and I made her lie on the bed coming on top of her I started kissing her neck and pressing her boobs she unbuttoned my shirt and I ripped apart her dress we both were naked she turned and came on top of me and holding my cock took into her mouth and started sucking it vigorously she was doing it like a pro and I was enjoying like hell she did it for a good 10 min and then I came on top of her kissing her slowly I went down and started licking her pussy she started moaning and was becoming wetter after a good 5 min of licking she started shouting to fuck her I was extremely hard placed my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it.

And with one hard thrust shoved it deep inside her pussy she screamed loudly and it would have pained because her pussy was extremely tight.

I started fucking her hard and fast she was pulling me deep inside her legs tied around me I was fucking her vigorously we were smooching like mad and continuously fucking her she then came on top and sat down on my dick and started pounding me wildly her hairs were let loose and she was looking so hot we had marathon sex for a good 45 min after which I cummed inside her.

We both were tired like hell after continuous sex and then when we were laying beside each other she told me that she knew I had eyes for her the day she hugged me in the party she felt my dick but she was teasing me till now she needed me badly.

We kissed and took some rest after which whole night we had sex in different positions this continued for the rest of the tour and even now we make out thrice a week now we have decided to have a ass fucking session which I would update in my next story.

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