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Myself Raj, am a regular reader of iss, am 36 years of age, a handsome, good looking, well qualified, sensible, rational, understanding, quite romantic guy from Mumbai, with 6.5 inch long dick, am quite jolly by nature, girls fall in love with me easily but as said the first approach has to be by man. This is my first story on iss.

Coming directly to my real sex encounter with my secretary Seema, she is beautiful, with a very good shying smile, fair color, 5.5″ height with slim figure, of 36c-28-36, the view of her boobs will make anyone wanna press her, a perfect figure with tight voluptuous fair boobs which anyone will like to go for it.

This event occurred around 4 months back when I had recently come into full time practice and had left my job, was looking out for few assistants join me to assist in my regular and routine kind of job, it was at this time that Seema who used to stay in same building where I had my office was also looking for job, she had just completed her graduation, she knew us and our office environment as she had earlier worked for one year in my office under my dad. One day she came to our office to ask for a experience certificate, as it will help her getting better job, it was when I thought that I can recruit her. I already had crush on her as I had seen her figure grow more and more beautiful in last 3-4 years. That day she left with a shying beautiful smile as usual. In next few days she met me again to collect the experience certificate. Where I offered her job with me and she readily agreed. I was so excited to have her in my team.


The d-day came after around 15 days of Seema joining with me, I had to go for a client meeting in evening, I just casually asked her if she would like to join me for the client meet, my plan was to take her out and through her behavior to understand whether she is interested in getting along with me. She readily agreed to come with me. As her job timing were about to get over she called at her home and informed that she will be late as she will be going out with me for a meet. We went in our car. We were talking casually about everything, her life, bf, etc in her life; through my talks with her that she was absolutely comfortable with me. I gathered courage and took her hands near me to hold the gears along with me while driving and to my delight she didn’t reacted and just smiled and started cooperating. Throughout my drive till clients place she had kept her hands in my hands. I was now sure that she is also thinking the same what I am thinking. I finished off my meeting quickly with the client so I can spend more time with her while returning.

While returning back I again brought her hands close to me and again she fully co-operated with me. I then gathered courage and asked him if she is OK if we go for a longer drive on the beach side and then I will drop her home. She readily agreed as she had already informed at home that she will be late.

It was already night so I took my car on a empty road which goes towards beach side, on the way we started becoming more cozy, I started pressing her hands more tightly and she too responded, then while driving only I slowly pulled her upper body closer towards me. She positively responded and came near me. With her positive response I then pulled her face towards me. She readily came near me and we kissed each other and gave a very long smooch. I was driving at the same time. We got so much passionate with each other. We were constantly giving each smooch and kissing each other. She was so passionate. She didn’t even bothered to ask me to control my drive or to stop and drive first. Her looks in her eyes were like a hungry desperate girl waiting for someone to treat herself and her body will full romance and love. And here she had got one.

We carried on kissing each other for at least 10 min. I had reduced the speed of my car and was watching her and road too while driving. Since it was a empty road I was able to manage the drive. While in this passionate kissing she came very close to me near my drivers sit. I had put my car on 2nd gear and was driving very slowly. I didn’t want to talk anything or stop the car as I didn’t want to disturb the momentum in anyway. As she came close to me I was able to put my free left hand on her boobs from her shoulder as she bent bit lower on my body. I pressed her left boobs from outside. She just moaned ouch! With a deep breath and came fully on me with her fully body load on me. I was such a feeling to press her round fully grown erect boobs. Awww. My hand was full holding it tight. Then without bothering of anything I just parked my car as it is on the road and without breaking the momentum; just pressed both her boobs with my both hands.

Now my both hands were filled. I was pressing her boobs tight. Kissing and smooching was going on simultaneously. She was wearing salwar kurti. I just raised her kurti from one hand and put my hands on her bra. I then just pulled down her bra from now my hands were pressing naked boobs and nipples. As I placed my hands on her naked boobs, she just closed her eyes and moaned a little. Breathing heavily she enjoyed the entire moment. I continued pressing her melons now with both my hands under her kurti. We both were enjoying it fully. I now asked her I want see your boobs. She was bit uncomfortable initially as we were on an open road and though less but vehicles was going from front people could see. I convinced her that it’s already night and asked her to face me and pull up her kurti. After giving a cute shying smile she turned herself towards me and pulled her kurti fully up. Allowing me to see her both the wonderful boobs, I licked them, sucked them, and kissed them. I sucked her nipples hard many times. She was moaning aah aah. But I didn’t care. I was mesmerized by the view of her beautiful boobs and more excited now feeling her action of full submission and flexibility to mold herself to give her best to me.

I told her now let’s go to office as their will be no one and we can be more comfortable. She readily agreed as she had at least an hour now before reaching home. She was fully aroused now. I had keys of office. I immediately took turn and drove at the max speed to our office. We ensured while entering the office that no one watches us as her family was staying in same building.

In the meanwhile while returning back when I was driving. She now started taking initiative and opened first 2 buttons of my shirt. She pulled me near her and started sucking my nipples. She was licking and sucking it hard. I was surprised by her actions. Not sure if she has seen lot many blue films or was already experienced. I was feeling quite horny. My penis was fully erect thinking about her. She put her hands on my tool. It was full hard and hot like iron. I was at top of my world. As we entered office and locked it from inside like hungry lions we started hugging. Kissing and smooching each other passionately on her earlobes, eyes, boobs, and her navel. I opened her salwar kurti. She was now in front of me just in pink bra and panty. What a view it was looking at her curves and figure. I opened her hairs. She was looking like princess. I hugged her. And sucked her nipples she was moaning aah. Aah. Aah. She simultaneously removed my shirt and opened my pants and pulled out my penis.

Looking at my penis her eyes were wide open. She just bent on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I was like shocked. Vow. As if she was just waiting to take it in her mouth. She gave me an awesome blowjob. I was like I don’t have to ask for anything more. I started placing my hands on her vagina which was already wet and was fingering her. She was at top of the world. I removed her bra and panty. She was now fully naked in front of me and fully aroused. I asked her if she wants to get fucked by me. She replied she is ok but need to use safety. I told we don’t have it now and I will take care of it. She can rely on me. She agreed and I placed her on the sofa. I placed my cock slowly on her vagina. She started moaning. I pushed it a bit inside. She cried with pain. I understood. She is virgin. I pushed my cock half in her vagina. She cried with pain aaaaahaa. Aaahh. Aaah. I told her it will pain.

After some time I pushed it further in her vagina and started moving in and out. Slowly her pain reduced and she started co-operating. Her vagina was quite tight. I enjoyed fucking a virgin girl for around 25-30 min. I told her I was about to cum and removed my penis from her vagina. She told let my sperms come out on her body. I did so. She enjoyed it fully. She was looking at me as she has experienced a memorable moment of her life of breaking her virginity by her boss and being fucked for the first time. I could see the happiness and satisfaction in her eyes.

She then went to washroom. Cleaned herself up. We dressed each other up and hugged before she left for her home. We now meet and have sex on regular basis and even during office hours we chat and share all kind of talks with each other. Am quite thankful have such kind of relation of work with pleasure, lots of work stress gets reduced.

I hope you all would have liked my story, your feedback and inputs will encourage me to put more such stories on iss, for any feedback and for any girls or woman.

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