Romantic Days Of Office


Hello everyone. This is my first story in Indian sex stories (ISS). So, please excuse me for my mistakes.

Coming to the story, I work in one of the top MNC in Hyderabad. This happened with me in the year of 2014. One of my colleague is office her name is Sushma (name changed) is one of the most beautiful telugu girl with huge assets. She looks very sexy with 36 size boobs, 5.7 height and very charming women and pretty fair.

When ever I get a chance, I used to touch her in office, hold her hands, try to touch her shoulders and neck while teasing her, but she never said a word in return. Sometimes I have dropped her at home and picked her on my bike, and the ride used to be heaven for me as it is a long way from home to office lot of times her huge boobs used to touch my back. I’ve masturbated many times thinking about her. But one day I got the golden chance.

It was the time when they are shifting a part of the office to new building and one of the entire floor is vacant for few weeks. Then few of our colleagues started sitting in that floor and work. There was a cubical to the corner of the floor which someone cannot easily get to know that there is a cubical. And I started sitting there and I have called her couple of times to sit along with me but initially she didn’t come but later she started sitting along with me.


I used to tease her at times and try to hold her from back while working on the floor and used to enjoy. But the day had arrived where only we both were sitting in that corner space and she said she was feeling pain on her neck. I have said I will help her and started slowly massaging her neck by standing back to her. I am in a view where I can see her beautiful huge boobs from top and as she is wearing chudidar, I could see her cleavage.

After 2 minutes slowly I moved my hands towards her back and started tempting her by slowly touching her bare back. Then I have sensed that even she was feeling romantic and slowly got my hand back to the neck and moved it near to her boobs. And started massaging right above the boobs. By this time my dick got very hard and as I have moved close to her my dick is now touching her back.

She gave a little smile with shy then I thought it as a green signal and removed my dick out and kept my hands inside her dress from top and started pressing her boobs.. Omg, it was heaven.. They are so soft and huge that I could only cover half of the boobs with my hands and started pressing her nipple.

After few minutes she turned back and took my dick in her hands and sucked it. It was so much amazing. Then she stood up and I moved her towards the wall, we started kissing each other so passionately that there is no tomorrow.

I have removed her dress half (made it down) and sucked her huge boobs and she is silently moaning and holding my dick with her hands and giving a hand job. It continued for almost 20 minutes. And I could not fuck her there as we are in office and planned it the next day in my flat.

We both took leave for first half and I have went to pick her and came to my flat. For initial some time we had few talks about folks in office. Then after few minutes I have asked her if she would like to have a chocolate, and got her a chocolate.

(here it gets much erotic)..

While she is having the chocolate, she offered me a bite but I said I want to try it differently. And started pressing her boobs and we both undressed while kissing each other on every part of the body from lips to toe.

By that time chocolate got melt and I have kept the melted chocolate on her boobs. Now it was all chocolate on her boobs. Slowly I have started sucking her boobs completely taking them into my mouth. And biting her nipples. It was heaven, and she started moaning loudly. We are in heaven.

When I was sucking her boobs and hugging her, even chocolate get stuck to my body and she started licking it everywhere and we both are having fun to the core. Then we started in doggy style, I so much wanted to fuck her in doggy style by holding her huge boobs from back pressing them.

We both had sex couple of times trying different positions. And left for the office. After that day whenever we got some time we used to meet and have fun.

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