My Virgin And Hot Cousin


I’m average looking guy with 5’8” height. Wheatish skin tone. My cock is of 6 inches long.The incident occurred with me in my summer vacations after my 12th exams 2 years ago.Before going straight to the story, let me tell you how i decided to fuck my sexy cousin Nikita.

3 years ago, that means one year early the incident took place, she came to celebrate Diwali at my home. I’ve seen her as an infant child before that Diwali. As she come to our home, I was surprised to see her. It was because her figure was mind blowing man!!!She is 2 years younger than me, but still i forgot that she was my sis. She is a milky white girl. Her figure was just perfect. From that time itself i thought to fuck her. As it was my first time, i dont know her figure measurements but her boobs and her buts were of same size.

She was staring at me whenever she could. I’ve noticed her looking at me many times. Then I thought that I should check whether she is thinking the same way as i was thinking about her. Then i decided not to hurry, because she was there for 10days at our home.

2 days passed away with casual talks. As there were only 2 bedrooms at our home, she use to spend her leisure time in my room chatting with those 2 day, i became personal to her, like whether she had a boyfriend or not? Her friends and all. She use to start conversation with me on her owns coming in my room without any hesitation. I was positive about my desire to fuck her.


Other day, the day before Diwali my mom told me to go for shopping with her as she was busy in some preparation. Not much, only a pair of dress for her for Diwali. I was excited, and even she was happy. I notices it from her face. After she shopping was over, it was too late. We couldn’t find ant auto. So we decided to walk to home. As it was dark, she grabbed my elbow in her hand. I was so happy. I told her not to worry and gathered enough courage and placed my hand on her shoulder. She didn’t bother. I felt she was quite comfortable with me. I slightly extended my hand on her boob. Then too she dint say any in entire way, I pressed her boob putting my hand inside her top. This was the first time I’ve touched a bare boobs. She only smiled at me. And i was like lucky guy that evening. I dint crossed the limits as we were on the street.

After Diwali had finished, my mom was taking rest in afternoon in her bedroom, dad was in office. Nikita was alone in my room. I was out for buying some household goods for regular use. Returning home, I kept it in kitchen and went to my room. And OHH MY GOOOOODDD!!!!! Nikita was watching my porn collection. Those days i have gr8 collection of porn. She was shocked, unable to utter a single word from her mouth. She started to say sorry for using my PC without my permission. I closed the door. She was contentiously apologizing me for her act. This time she was unstoppable told her that it’s ok for me. I decided to take this chance. God knows when would I get such golden opportunity. The situation was such that she would allow me to do anything I wanted as she was caught red handed watching porn by her elder bro. As she was not stopping to talk i immediately kissed her hardly as the Bollywood kisses star IMRAN HASHMI as he kissed MALLIKA SHERAWAT in Murder.

She too started responding to my kiss passionately. Witching 2 mints we start to lick each other’s lips. We exchanged the saliva. This was my first kiss of my life that too so hot and passionate. Kissing her horizontal lips was my license to use the vertical lips of hers. We kissed and kissed for around 10 minus. When we broke the kiss, she said,”Bhayya, jis din se mai aai hu, mai is hi pal ka intajar kar rahi thi.”These words were enough for me to go further. To increase her sexual excitement i said “Is wakt mai ters bhayya nahi, SIYYA hu baby”. I quickly want to the door and checked whether mom is sleeping or not. She was deep in sleep. I locked the door and came running to her. Till then she had removed her top. Her nipples were light pink in color. I grabbed her both boobs in my hands and squeezed them. I whispered in her ears,”Kal nahate waqt dekhna, tumharw mamme dugane ho jayenge.”.She said,”Nichod do unhe, aaj mai tumhari hu bhayyaaaaaaaaa”. I kept on squeezing her boobs for 15 minus as fantasized those from many days. She started mooning slowly. So I started kissing her to stop her sound.

Then i started licking her boobs. Slowly went downwords passing through her belly. I saw her shivering. As i reached her pussy she was on seventh heaven as it was her first time too. I licked it for some time. She started mooning heavily and said,”Kha ja use baby… ahhaaaa…. uhaaaaa… uyyymaaaaa… maza aa raha hai”. To maine kaha,”pehele mera lund choos, bad me teri chood khaunga.”She agreed and removed my pants. First she shockingly saw my 6 inches cock.she screemed,”Ye to meri chood fad dega.”.I said,”Dont worry shweety, I’ll take proper care of her, waise bhi, tu to meri behen hai na.”.She smiled and Started stroking my cock. When she sucked it in her mouth, I was in gr8 pleasure. She was not that good sucker, but as it was my first time, I liked it very much. For the first time I experienced the wormth of girls mouth on my dick. I released my juice in her mouth itself. She said,”Ummmm.. It’s so yummmmmmmmmmyyy… Ab meri bari hai.Mujhe chod dalo bhayya.Jannat ki sair kara do.”.I replied to her,”Ha ha meri jannnn.” But… I hurd my mom shouting for me. Ohh shit man. I was so close to lose our virginity.

We had to stop and do hurry to dress up. We helped each other to dress up and went to my mom. Next day Nikita sadly said,”Tune mujhe o pyasaa hi rakhaa, khud ne sara maza le lia.”. Maine kaha,”Maine bhi kaha maza lia janeman, Tujhe chodna to baki he rehe gaya.”.When she was about to leave for her home,she promised me that she will come back next year and complete our incomplete dream. And she went away.

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