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Hai readers, am a Telugu boy and am new to write stories in English. Though You all feel bored in the starting, hope you will enjoy and love it when the real story begins.

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I am living in Hyderabad and am from AP of 5 feet 9 inches height. The girl in the story may be 5 feet 1inch height and this happened 4 years back

I was having a best friend, it’s girl with whom i share all my sad and all feelings. We love each other as friends and no other thoughts for us. One day when I was talking to her, other girl prompting by giving answers to my questions like that. This continued for another 2 or 3 days.


Later she got my number from her and messaged me. At the starting it was just formal messages daily like good morning and good evening. Later as time passed and as we got more free time and also as my best friend was busy with some works, I started chatting with her little more than before. There were no bad intentions on her at that time and also its more than 1month we started talking but I dint see her still. We became good friends in the chat. I was having a Crush on my school mate and came to know that she has some feelings on someone.

So I was depressed and started sharing my feelings with her when she asked do I like any girl. She started consoling me and we became bit closer and started sharing our feelings. I also asked that do she have boy friend to which she said her brother in law is his bf. Days went like this and one day I asked do you have romantic experiences with his bf. She said she have some long back as she she met his brother in law 2years back. Also she said his bf kills for liplock. I was new to all words and asked what is it. she said french kiss and told all like it very much i dont know. Then I said I too love it but have no one to give.

As we were close, I asked will you give me funnily and also to try my luck. She said No. This type of chat continued for some more days and as it became common. She said come I give funnily as we were with parents. We became little close with this. One day she said “if I allow you, you wont stop with kiss I know”. Then I asked what will I do for which she said dont know but definitely wont stop with kiss.

From Here Our Romantic Chat and there by Romance starts

When she said like that, I started my romantic chat of what I do of we get chance for which she gave enjoying response and told she liked it a lot. Some days like this our romantic chat went in which she too started involving and enjoying and becoming went.

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One day O asked real liplock for which she agreed lately. I asked how and she told she can meet me in her home one evening and cam give kiss and hug. We planned and I met her at some place. It was first time for me to see her. We met and went her home without getting noticed by her neighbours and closed the doors. It was first time for me to be with a girl alone and also my first experience and was excited. She told me to wait in that room and went other room to change dress. I wanna see but not allowed.

After sometime she came and started talking to me and told we have half and hour time and her parents will be back. When I went near to her she started feeling shy and she told no kiss and only hug. I told I want both and said ok lets hug and kissed her on her forehead and hugged her tightly. Now I started rubbing her back slowly and romantically with my both hands. She started getting into romantic mood. Now I got out of hug and slowly kept my lips on hers.

Slowly we started feeling our lips taste and our lips got our movements and our tongues started exploring each others. It was my first kiss and we were so passionate in that and we kissed nearly 7 or 8minutes continuously. While kissing I was pressing her waist from dress and was rubbing her back, cheeks.

After sometime she broke the kiss. I was no mood to stop and was in mood of still want more and went again to her lips. She refused and started breathing heavily. I thought of giving her some gap and again started feeling her lips. She also dint refuse and again we had locked our lips more than 3minutes. Again this time also she broke. This I gave time and sat on bed. She came near to me and lied in my lap and hugged me. we hugged sometime and kissed all over face and neck and again I want kiss.

Again we liplocked in that position. As time getting over she told me to go. We parted for the time with so much disappointment of less time to enjoy. Upto then we were upto that limits. Here after we became so close and she enjoyed my kisses and way of kissing her and my hand movements at the time of kissing. From then we started bold and chat on full romance. I once again asked for kiss and again met her at her home after 2 weeks of first time. This time we kissed nearly 10 minutes more passionately.

As we became so close, I started slowly feeling her boobs on dress when I was kissing her. She first hold my hands as refusal but loosened her hands when she totally started enjoying kiss and my movements on her boobs and waist. I was pressing her waist and was moving my hands from waist to boobs slowly and was slowly circling boobs, pressing gently, rubbing her back gently while our lips were locked. She enjoyed it a lot. This time also we got less time and we kissed and parted

Again we met at her home. This time before itself I said that I wanna suck her boobs as she enjoyed my romantic chat. we went home and as usual she went to change dress. I told I wanna see and went with her. She dont wanna change. I started kissing her neck and slowly pressed her boobs waist and started lifting her top. She refused initially and started lifting as I was tempting her with kisses and presses and movements.

I finally removed her top and now she was in her petticoat which is above her waist. She strongly refused to remove and soon left her refusal after kissing her navel and sucking it. I laid on bed and started pressing waist and kissing navel and circling navel with my tongue and fucking her navel with tongue and pressing boobs. she left little moans. Now I started lifting her petticoat and removed it totally. Now her black melons were in front.

For the first time I was seeing boobs. I started sucking her boobs and while pressing other. I kissed her lips and slowly neck one side after other and now boobs and then to waist navel. We were like in dream and heaven. She was enjoying it a lot and me too. She dint allow me to bottom. Same time I asked to feel my 7inches dick. She refused but I kept her hands on my dick over dress. She liked it seems, she pressed it holded it strongly sometime.

Next time we met in our house. This time i lifted her top and sucked her boobs navel and felt her body and back top. I inserted finger into her bottom and started feeling her public area and hair. She refused first. I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck cheeks and lips and pressing her waist and boobs with one hand and slowly kept one hand inside her bottom.

Now I started finger fuck her. As she is virgin. Her pussy was tight. Slowly i started rubbing her pussy and entering it with 1finger and 2fingers after sometime. she was in heaven as I was kissing her lips, neck, cheeks and pressing rubbing her waist and boobs with a hand and finger fucking her with other hand.Like this we were enjoying.

I wanna share this with my best friend but feared that she hates me. But later she left me knowing all about this that I didnt tell her and feeling that I cheated her. I cried some months for her and left alone and now am ok and habituated to pains(sads)

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