A Beautiful Ride After Office Logout


Hi all, this is my first story on Indian sex stories. Please forgive me for any grammatical errors.

Today, I will be sharing a beautiful experience with my office colleague.

Let me introduce myself first, I am Chinna, 26 years old and 6 feet tall with good looking body. I work for a mnc in hyderabad. I am interested in aunties and babes with beautiful boobs.

Coming to the story, I work for a reputed MNC. And. I work in us shifts. As I was new to office, I didn’t know much people. I used to go to office by cab which is provided by the company.


On the way to office I used to pick two other guys who works for same company. Among the two, one is my beautiful angel. Her names is Richa. She is 5 feet 5 inches in height with beautiful round boobs of size 36d. Her complete sizes are 36 – 28 – 34. I never used to talk much as she is a silent girl. After some days we use to talk normally, shared office stuff and we became close as the days passed on.

Sometimes, I used to go to office on my bike. And, sometimes by my car. After we became close to each other, I used to pick her on the way to office and drop her home once we are done with our shift timings. As the days passed by, she shared her interest in driving bike.

So on the way back to home, I used to help her in driving bike by taking the back seat. While she is driving, I used to feel her body from behind by holding the handle of the bike and helping her to maintain the it’s balance while driving. She smells so good (i mean her body odour). I used to go crazy about her and wanted to have sex with her badly. However, I never confessed this to her and never done mischievous things with her. She respects me a lot by my nature. And, even I respect her.

As the days passed on, we became more close to each other and we used to share personal stuff as well. One beautiful day, I went to office by my car. Once I am done with my shift, I gave a call on her mobile to check if she can join me on the way back home. She answered my call and accepted my offer to drive her home. I was happy and exciting to share my feeling with her today. I was waiting for at the exit gate of the office.

After 5 mins of waiting, I see my beautiful angel walking towards my car in blue jeans and a black nd green check shirt. I asked her to hop in and we started towards our destiny. On the way, we shared some personal stuff and cracked some jokes. The distance from office to her place is a 30 mind drive. As we came closer to her home, I asked her if I can kiss her in a husky voice. Without any hesitation she replied, yes.

I was so happy that she said yes. She said, she likes me a lot and she has a crush on me. I stopped the car at a lonely place and parked it under a tree. It was around 3 in the early morning. I took off my seat belt and went close to her. She is sitting next to me in the front left seat. I slowly placed my lips on her. She closed her eyes and offered her juicy lips to me. Without wasting a second, I started exploring her mouth with my tongue. We smooched for good 30 mins. She is responding so good with a perfect smooch.

She is responding so passionately. And, for the first time I placed my had on her right boob while smooching . It was so smooth and firm. I couldn’t hold the complete boob as her boobs size is 36d. Slowly, I opened her shirt while smooching her. She was wearing a black bra. I that black bra she was looking like a black cobra. Without wasting time, I unhooked her bra and made those juice melons free as they are eagerly waiting to come out just like my monster which is hiding in my boxer.

I freed my 6 inch monster and gave it in her hand. She started making moves on my dick with her hands. I slowly took her right boob in my mouth and started sucking it. And, she was making sounds aaaahha … Hhhhmm …. When I bit her nipples. She was going crazy and making more sounds aahh … Aahhhh. ….

Aaaa aaa a. …

Take them more, eat them, bite them. They are all yours my handsome…. I was eagerly waiting for this day. Please make me you batch…. I am all yours….

Aaahhh… Aaàah. ..

Hhhmm …..

Give me your dick…. I am dying to taste it from so long……

I love u chinna…. Make me your bitch….. Make love with me……



She took my dick in her mouth and stated sucking it. I was in cloud 9 when her lips touched my dick. This is the first time a beauty touching my dick. And, even giving me a blow job.

Meanwhile, I was playing with those juice melons of her by pinching her nipples, started exploring her ass and her love hole over her jeans.

As this was the first encounter, my monster couldn’t control and burst out in her mouth. She drank all my juices without wasting a single drop…. And said your juices are sweet….

Just like my monster, even sun is eager to rise up. So we controlled and adjusted ourselves and kissed each other and left to home.

Hope you like my story. I’ll share my sex experience with this beautiful angle in my next story.

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